T h e s t r u c t u r e o f a c o m p o s t
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1.The structure is simple
Fermentation equipment consists of the ribbon screw and the fermentation tank, which attached the heater. This tank is connected to a toilet bowl and ventilation fan. An automatic control board operates fermentation equipment. This system uses neither water nor medicine for our excrement (human waste), and decomposition disappearance of our excrement will be carried out altogether.
2.Activation of microbe
IN order to set up the environment for activity of a microbe in a fermentation tank, the woody system carbon that is used as a fermentation catalyst (although It is thought as the style of special material, this is the sawdust, which all knows well) is put into a fermentation tank. This sawdust absorbs human waste. Although the amount of a part for nitrogen and carbon is required for activity of a microbe, it is the same as that the protein (a part for nitrogen) that makes flesh and blood and the carbohydrate (a part for carbon) that is an energy source are required for us. The absorbed human waste is agitated on the ribbon screw attached in the fermentation tank. Rotation is half a round in 1 minute, however to make always rotate is not necessary. It is 1 time every 8 hours from 6 hours. It is enough if it mixes during 1 or 2 minutes. A timer set is set to an automatic control board.
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3.Decomposition disappearance of human waste
Now, microbe, which took in the nitrogen in human waste and the carbon in sawdust, is beginning some activity. Heat is generated by disassembly of the substance that was taken into the cell in the fermentation process growing and increasing. Heat goes up gradually from the time of a fermentation start, and is the highest temperature 70 from 60, or more than it. Evaporation of moisture is very active. Steamy moisture is carried out outside with the air currently attracted from the toilet bowl side by the electric fan. The amount (96%) of the moisture of human waste is evaporated, and the amount (4%) of solid in human waste disappears simultaneously by action of decomposition of microbe.
It depends on this and all human waste carries out decomposition disappearance. Moreover, parasite and coliform bacillus that is detrimental to man becomes extinct, because the temperature of compost becomes higher than 60.
4.Reuse in Home Garden.
Thus, since all human waste is disassembled, dipping of these becomes entirely unnecessary. The sawdust as a source of carbon revives as harmless sanitary and useful compost without odor. Since the compost-ized sawdust runs short of the amount of carbon, which is contained in it, compost is collected periodically (it is 3 or 4 times per year about 18L), and sawdust with the new equivalent amount is thrown in. The collected compost is the optimal as the manure for the kitchen garden. Since this compost makes no pollution food, indeed, we can utilize such an organic fertilizer as a proverb of "killing two birds with one stone".