News this monthThe January, 2005 issue

1. The Ministry of the Environment adopts Cosmo Ace to public restroom of Mt. Fuji top.

2. The presentation of new customer who introduced COSM ACE.

R.compost toilet has plaied an active part in Houseboat.

4.The new product presentation of the integrate-type restroom

T.The installation of Cosmo Ace in Miyakojima was decided.

U.Compost type's kitchen garbage disposer(G Type) for Business is popularity

V.A Majority of Inquiry Toilets for Parks

If an item is clicked, it will get used to looking at details.

We look for an agency and a special agent.

Do you think of the environment problem with us?

Do you break in old epoch scouring off filth with valuable water, and do you build new epoch ?

Contamination of a river and a lake has extended rapidly with the spread of flush toilets.
By not considering this fact earnestly just now ,the situation which makes the recovery of the environment impossible comes surely. Our generation has the duty not to finish the beautiful nature succeeded from the ancestor, but to make these inheritance to posterity. If you think earnestly an environmental problem,please contact the following the person in charge.

An inquiry is to the following.

TEL81-3-3225-0952 or 81-3-5368-1541


Marketing department @Kinoshita

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