The installation of Cosmo Ace in Miyakojima was decided.

The human waste becomes extinct fully in the resolution, and the initial setting sawdust changes to such odorless compost as above photograph.
Okinawa Miyakojima is famous at the basement water dam but the water quality deterioration of this basement water dam became big problem recently. As this cause, we think various such as the living drainage that contains human waste, the shit urine of the livestock and the surplus prescribing of manure. But the pollution from the living drainage becomes serious element specifically. Based on this state, Cosmo Ace was evaluated as the self-contained system that doesn't discharge total human waste, and was adopted for the proof experiment of two places. The construction schedule is during March of starting from February. The administration of Miyakojima, too, will begin to change in the direction that installs the system of Cosmo Ace on all the islands, seeing the result of this proof experiment. We think that the good result can be reported by the summer this year.

The Gusukube-cho public office, which Cosmo Ace is installed in The pollution of this basement water dam, too, is reduced by the installation of Cosmo Ace. Cosmo Ace keeps Miyakojima's environment.