The c o m p o s t t o i l e t o f N o r t h
A l p s M t . m i n a m i h u t


1.Appearance which matched back scenery


3.Automatic controller

The COSMO ACE has been installed in North Alps Mt.minami(3,050M)

The toilet problem of a hut was serious.But the COSMO ACE is decomposition disappearance about the whole quantity of human waste. Since it carries out,all dipping up becomes unnecessary.

Furthermore,since a disagreeable bad smell will also be lost,all toilet problemes are solved !

During a season Decomposition disappearance of about 3000 persons' human waste (drum 4 duty) is carried out, and it is contributing to the environmental preservation of a mountain.

The source of power is the hybrid of wind power and light-oil power generation.

Since it depends on an automatic controller and operation is automated, a maintenance is needlessness.

COSMO ACE Let's keep the nature of a beautiful mountain.