The presentation of new customer who introduced COSMO ACE



Because COSMO ACE resolves all human waste into water and carbon dioxide and makes all human waste become extinct, it gets rid of the process of drawing out the unpleasant human waste and can improve a stench and bad environment. Moreover, COSMO ACE prevents the wealth nutritional-ization of the river, the lake and marsh because it does not discharge the total filth into our environment. Also, the installation of COSMO ACE and the maintenance of it, too, are simple. This time, we show Mr.touru Yamashita's house in which COSMO ACE was installed at Okayama Prefecture Sakuto-cho in July 2002. Mr.touru Yamasita is living in Tokyo, but he built in the new house at Okayama of his hometown. In this opportunity, he decided the installation of COSMO ACE with his thinking of the environment preservation to the primacy. Installed COSMO ACE is U-25 type and W-10 type. Mr. Kunai in Sekisui House Okayama designed Mr. Yamasita's house. Mr. Yamasita is very satisfied to his design, too.
The parents of Mr. Yamashita have said as follows.
"To give crude garbage of the kitchen to the bacteria in COSMO ACE every day is pleasant because they disappear."
"The vegetable grows mainly by the composting sawdust And restroom is comfortable really."

1. The Yamashita house whole view 2. The room in which COSMO ACE is being installed.
3. The maintenance

The exhaust pipe is pierced between a wall of the house without exposure of pipe.
The compulsion fan installed in the silo style. It is famous in the neighborhood.

This room, too, is the design which is not in the sense of incongruity.
The going in and out of this room on the day of rain and snow, too, is smooth.

The mechanical room where the maintenance is easy
The composting sawdust of one bucket is exchanged with the new sawdust of same quantity with once for 4 - 6 months .
4. Indoors of restroom is clean 5. The machine indoor part
The W type

The restroom is odorless and comfortable room.
To wash the dirt of the toilet with the water gun is able.

COSMO ACE is U-25 type.
The ability is 50 times / a day.

Home drainage is processed here.
Processing water revives into clean water.