T h e c o m p o s t t o i l e t o f
o r d i n a r y h o m e s

Beautiful nature is connected with the next generation. COSMO ACE


1. The odorless clean interior of a room

2. External Motor Portion

3. Extraction of Compost

  • It can process by also mincing a kitchen garbage finely and throwing it in. Does inflammable garbage decrease in number?
  • Installation of a shower toilet is also possible.
  • For a home with a kitchen garden and for a home whict can not install a flush toilet in cost or geographical reason, COSMO ACE is the optimal toilet !
  • By not using water, COSMO ACE is not only concerning environmental preservation but cut down the immense cost of a waste water treament plant.
  • COSMO ACE can cut down the amount of incineration of a refuse disposal place by kitchen garbage processing.It is a toilet gentle to the earth
  • A maintenance only takes out compost little 3 to 4 times for a year.
  • It is just the toilet of the future.
    Please click [ the example of typical of installation is from here ]