T h e c o m p o s t  t o i l e t o f t h e M . F u j i


1. 6TH stage,
Unkai hut

2. 6TH stage,
Houei hut

3. 7TH stage,
goraikou hut

4. 7TH stage,
yamaguti hut
  • The COSMO ACE that was installed at five huts on Fujinomiya route in the Mt. Fuji.
    The restroom problem of 300,000 mountaineering visitors is serious. In order to solve this problem, the COSMO ACE was installed in five places as the first step.
    Because the COSMO ACE makes all human waste become extinct in the resolution, the discharge of the filth passes away absolutely. The COSMO ACE is expected as the huts restroom because it removes unpleasant odor.
    All restroom problems at Mt. Fuji will be solved because moreover, many COSMO ACE are installed next year.

Top stage,
fuji hut

6.Odorless and clean indoors